Grace 4

Grace by Riviera Monte Carlo Motoring

Based in Irvine California, USA, Riviera Monte Carlo Motoring is an environmentally conscious company with a mission to capture and bring back the essence, the philosophy and the feel and thrill of iconic automobiles that have made history throughout the years. Automotive works of art from the past that have truly marked their time and drew the passions of the crowds with their performance, designs and craftsmanship.


Grace, the company’s first model is a strong homage to the very first edition of the prestigious Grand prix of Monaco that was held on April 14, 1929. A Grand Prix that saw the 1st place win of William Grover-Williams on his number twelve British racing green Bugatti Type 35. A much merited win on what is still considered to be the most glorious race car of all time. With its more than two thousand wins, dominating almost every car race it entered from the late 1920’s to the early 1940’s. The Bugatti Type 35 was simply a phenomenal race car.

Now more than ninety years later, Grace is bringing back the aura, the magic and all the historical significance of the very first Grand Prix of Monaco in a thrilling automotive art piece, designed from the ground up to convey timeless automotive beauty and modern technology.

All Electric

Being environmentally conscious, Grace model is light weight and fully electric. It is powered by a 90 kw electric motor. Offering plenty of power and torque for amazing acceleration and overall dynamic performance. Grace model’s light weight of 580 kg (1276 Lbs) has been achieved thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber solutions in the construction of both its chassis and body. Grace is capable of covering a range largely in excess of 200 km. With its ample twin trunk space, Grace is the ideal car for week-end getaways or simply long magical cruises on the Riviera.

Only 29 Will Ever Be Built

Hand painted in British racing green and with the number twelve racing number, only 29 Grace cars will be built in commemoration of the Grand Prix of Monaco of 1929.

Grace by Riviera Monte-Carlo is simply the solution of choice for “guilt free motoring pleasures”

  • Reviving a mythical car design in the most modern way
  • Exceptional design and appeal
  • Limited to 29 cars
  • Use of the best of today’s automotive technology
  • All hand made
  • All electric

Grace by Riviera Monte-Carlo is built to order in both US and European specifications.